Artwork for Behance : Nemury & Rianti #2

Update on Next Behance Appreciation Award and my involvement. Nemury san, the fellow winner from last award pick my drawing “Marin and the Sea Prince” for him to re-interpret and create new artwork for next award promotional poster.

For those who don’t understand Japanese, Nemury picked the artwork because he said it looks like an epic happy ending scene from a storybook. He can feels the world and excitement behind this illustration. Thank you, Nemury San!
Looking forward his work!

Next chapter will be my interview again.



Sketchbook – 05`15 – Erika Linder Photo Study

Finally have time on weekend to practice.
I use Erika Linder photos as study material since she`s my favorite model. Still struggling with the nose and cheek shading~~



Artwork for Behance : Nemury & Rianti #1

Finally can announce what i did past few weeks. I got a privilege to be the main visual artist (along with Nemury san) for next Adobe Behance Japan Appreciation Award – Portfolio Review #7! The concept is a collaboration between Japanese and Foreign Creator in Japan.
The Creation process will be shot as a countdown for the event.
Stay tuned!

Kinda embarrassed to see your own video though ^^




Sketchbook – 05`15 – Erika Linder Photo Study

Been a while since i post my routine practice here since i am so busy. Here`s my short practice sketch on realistic style last weekend.
Erika Linder is one of my favourite model so i use her photos as study material. Still have a long way to go~~


Dr. Sketchy Tokyo : Leigh Carmichael 5 April 2015

Last weekend there`s a bodybuilder life drawing session in Tokyo. A great chance to learn how to draw muscle. about 2,5 hours or so…