“The Grand Budapest Hotel” Color & Composition Study (Part 1: Prologue)


Have you watch “Grand Budapest Hotel”? It is an incredibly awesome and gorgeous movie! As expected from Wes Anderson. It`s be a total waste not to study this beautiful movie ~~ “Grand Budapest Hotel”got so many beautiful frames and so many details that the study probably divided into at least 4 parts. Stay tuned!

1. This movie has 3 different layer and each layer has different screen ratio! Each ratio represent different era of cinematic history! http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2014/03/06/grand_budapest_hotel_aspect_ratios_new_wes_anderson_movie_has_three_different.html

2. Sometime the character intentionally blended into environment and the contrast is put on something else which become intentional eye distraction.

3. The lamp lighten up when the character talking about the past (frame 11)

4. The use of green in the movie honestly makes me curious.

『グランド・ブダペスト・ホテル』を見ましたか。きれいで、素晴らしい映画でした!さすが、ウェス・アンダーソン監督の映画だな〜〜 映画がきれいですので、スタディしなきゃ〜〜




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