Design Festa 2014 – Thank You!

Design Festa 2014 is over, and since it`s my first booth ever, it can be considered a success! Thank you very much for everyone who`s stopping by, who`s say hi, who bought my book and artwork , and to those who gave me gift! And for those who helped me promoting the event. 

Special Thanks to Cho san and Kruz san, Anggia, Ignatius, My mum, Dad, Lil Bro, My bf, Nita, Kitao san, Taguchi san, Emi san who helped me with the preparation. Love you all!
(pardon me if i forgot mention some of the name)

By the way…those lady in the right is the character for the new book! Will update you again!

特にイベントの準備をヘルプしたCho さん と Kruz さん, Anggia, Ignatius, お母さん、お父さんと弟, 彼氏, Nita, Kitao san, Taguchi さん, Emi さん。本当にありがとうございます。名前が書き忘れたらすみません。m(_ _;)m




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