“The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” Color and Composition Study (FINAL)


Finally finished color & composition study of : “The Secret life of Walter Mitty”. Anything that i missed? or do you have any other opinion?

Study result:
1. Overall movie has vibrant color(and A LOT rule of third).
2. Dark Navy Blue dominate the movie with skin color shade a little bit red-ish(remind me of those of great gatsby)
3. Office scene always dominated with dark blue and grey. symbolize boredom and stagnant condition.
Almost every scene involve office consist of character framing(3,4,5,10,20).Probably symbolized the restraint/no freedom.
4. Cream color and yellow always used in the scene that represent change, or in a scene with the lady character
(frame 6,8,9,21,22,28,29,30)
5 Climax scene has most yellow than any other frame(frame 29).
6. While the first half frame got more bluish and grey, on the last few frames, the color got more shades of cream, yellow)
7. This movie use a lot of red(red car, red sweaater, red plane, red jacket, red carriage) to make the object stand out from the environment & easy to recognize.

やっと、『LIFE!』(ライフ、原題: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)のスターディーが終わった。何か足りない部分か、気づかない分析があれば教えてください。

1. この映画では躍動感あふれる色彩を施した。レイアウトの場合は三分割ルールはたくさん使います。
4.主人公の人生に変化があるシーンではクレームと黄色がたくさん使います。女性キャラクターがいるシーンも同じです。(frame 6,8,9,21,22,28,29,30)
5.「自由」を表すというクライマックスのシーンでは黄色が一倍濃いです。(frame 29)


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