Katy Perry Dark Horse – Color Study



2 days ago i stumbled upon latest Katy Perry Music video, Dark Horse and got interested on its use of color and composition.

And since i cannot concentrate working before i figure out as of why, i decide to study it to get it out of my system. I restrict myself from using eye drop tool and training in figure out what color is inside every frame.
It`s not the color i usually use and the pallet is pretty limited. And i love how i don`t see pure green color in the video!

The video is highly saturated and getting colder and colder(probably because the shades of blue and pink) compare to warm yellow in the beginning. The value is also not as contrast as in the beginning. On the climax scene, pink and blue saturation is the highest.
Not to mention the composition is beautiful…

I am curious about the 13th frame though. Why the the pole contrast is higher than the singer??
If anybody can answer this, do let me know.

And also let me know if you have any more opinion on this, or any visually nice video you found.

2日前ケイティ・ペリーの最新ビデオ「Dark Horse」を見つかった。「色が面白いな〜〜」と思ったがなぜだろうかを気になった、仕事もあまり集中できなかった。




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