“Doctor WHO” Color Study

Did a color study of one “Doctor WHO” episode “Journey to the center of the TARDIS”. This episode is so memorable for me because i realized that this episode have TONS of beautiful scene. By slicing the color scheme, i realize that they use different color for different settings (greenish for chasing scene, bluish when it’s related to main control room, etc) but keep the black color thick among the scene. THAT until the climax, which is the only scene using TONS of white, giving strong impact.

This study is pretty fun but not as easy as i thought. Those frame with complicated brush is the hard ones because i couldn’t figure out the basic shape and basic lighting and keep adding more elements (T.T). Gotta practice more on this.

練習のため、「Doctor WHO]のカラースタディーを作ってみました。スタディをした結果、ところによって、カラーパレットが違います。例えば、追いかけるシーンでは緑と赤がメインになり、青いはコントロールルームと関係あるシーンになります。しかし、90%のシーンでは黒いの色が濃く利用されます。それで、クライマックスシーンではいきなり、白い色が使われますので、インパクトシーンになります。




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